Lac de Mauvoisin


I think there is nothing more beautiful than an alpine lake surrounded by alps.

And the Swiss have perfected building huge dams / lakes in the high Alps. Lac de Mauvoisin has been on my list forever. Today I finally climbed it.

Purists? You can start in Martigny, but the first 5 kms are on a very fast, nasty road. Or you can start in Sebrancher, but the next five kms are on fairly busy road.

Me? I started in Le Chable (the base of Verbier). From here it is 20 kms on quiet, unbelievably beautiful roads. Note, on the map (below) while descending, a well aimed right turn allows a descent on a superb, alternate road. (And if I had more ambition, from Lourtier, one can make a loop via Verbier – next year for me!).

The climb to Mauvoisin is quiet, scenic, at times steep, etc. Certainly possible for a road bike – but a little rough.

And as the video shows …. make sure you take the secret passage to get onto the dam and next to the lake!


Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. Your secret passage with its slamming door and wet dark corridor looks and sounds like a “DDR-Stasi” movie. Welcome to the other side of the iron curtain. Moo productions launches itself at horror movies now? 😉

  2. Another great ride. Thanks for the vid. I’m looking forward to Le Chatelard at le Chatox for xmas and New Year. Pop in if you’re passing.. plenty of pudding, cheese and Port..

  3. hey will

    I did Lac de Mauvoisin this year and took your advise taking the back door up the top of the dam. It was quite a sight, and I was the only one up there for a good half an hour. Amazing views with the water gushing out of the mountains. Breath taking in fact. Didn’t want to leave.

  4. Wow

    I like the look of that 1 mile tunnel with the water coming off the edges.

    Didn’t realise the gravel path went up as much as 2,500m. Defintely will take another bike with me next year.

  5. just came back from a week in Verbier and a week in the french alps. Fabulous ride! (and thanks for your great blog!)

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