Le Collet d’Allevard and Super Collet


Le Collet d’Allevard will feature in stage 6 of the 2011 Critérium du Dauphiné.

Le Collet d’Allevard is the featured climb in the October edition of Le Cycle Magazine. It has never appeared in the Tour de France in part due to its inconvenient location but is a beautiful, yet challenging climb.

Le Cycle describes it as a little Alpe d’Huez, in part due to its steep slopes from the very beginning. It’s a well shaded route winding up the mountain with – as usual – great views of the valley below.

Often the best quality roads in the French alps are up to ski stations, and this route is no exception – I almost felt like I was riding a Swiss road 🙂

Le Collet d’Allevard is a small ski station at 1,450 metres, but the road continues a few more kilometres up to 1,650 metres where it ends at Super Collet – a collection of ski lifts.

There is a very similar and worthwhile climb just to the north: details here for Val Pelouse.

Mont Ventoux


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  1. salut will , i hope Tour organisation will choice others moutain top finishes , less famous but more authentics like collet d allevard , cret de chatillon (very useful by annecy !) or grand colombier ( i ve tried from culoz in three times ..), standard of le cycle is probably the same that one of Tour organisation .. which ameliorations needs collet to be “standard” excpet being jetset ?
    i d like to try collet , the road seems to be large and with high steeps but a little dark due to forest no ?

    (sorry for my english level )

  2. salut Georges, oui je suis d’accord avec vous.

    Je serais ravi de voir Grand Colombier (depuis Culoz) dans Le Tour ou d’autres ascension un peu different.

    yes, I agree, I would love to see Grand Colombier in the Tour or other climbs a little different – instead of Alpe d’Huez and Galibier every year. .

  3. Collet d’Allevard, probably It will be possible because It’s a ski resort (€€€€) …

    The Tour uses maybe 5% of mountain passes in France. you have to know that Besançon will have to spend 300 000 euros this year to welcome a stage of Tour de France 2009… Grd Colombier hasn’t got so many money, even Culoz or Artemare. Maybe one time, one day, but never as many times as Alpe d’Huez (€€€€) !

  4. About Semnoz, It’s possible too. They can finish the stage in Annecy after Le Semnoz. I think, in 2009, there will be a CLM around the Lake of Annecy but only with a more little climb (Talloires)

  5. hi will , i ve finally tried this climb to the top (super collet ) during last september , oftenly not very interesting climb for “panorama” except near the top but very hard !
    need to breath 3 kilometers before collet .. ( 1: 48 for all climb due to my level )
    i think armstrong would be in difficulty in this type of climb …lol
    my next climb will be plateau de saix near cluses in savoie , i ll come back to tell about


  6. for bastien , i think Tour should try southern alps , col champs , couillole , turini , braus, saint martin ..
    but they are some little roads with not good enough quality for Tour standards and they are probably too busy during summer but there are many possibilities , we hope for future ..

  7. georges

    felictations pour collet d’allevard – et merci pour les comments

    en fait, plateau des saix est assez semblable de collet d’allevard. Difficile!

    au meme départ (samoens) – col de joux plane est meme plus interessant.


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