Val Pelouse

Val Pelouse

A lessor known but very challenging climb south of Chambery.

It reminded me a lot of it’s neighbour Collet d’Allevard – but harder. Relentless and very steep, on a mediocre quality but deserted road, through the woods and then above the treeline with great views.

At the top is a parking lot and absolutely nothing else. Not even a sign! But nearby are some pretty huge mountains and the hiking above looks amazing.

There are a few really big holes and bad stretches in the road. It’s worth paying attention on the way up, to avoid disaster on the way down.

Val Pelouse - Steep

Below: No sign at the top (1728 metres)! I considered spelling VAL PELOUSE with pebbles. Very sad.

Val Pelouse - end of road


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  1. 10.5% gradient sections – ouch. The switchback on the photo looks painful. How would I love to conquer this one. Sign or not! It’s worth it just for the views I would reckon!

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  3. Hi Will,

    If you go to Aiton you will see a motorway services with a strange round cafe, it used to be at the carpark at Val Pelouse but was moved to Aiton when the ski resort shut. You will see photos of the old ski resort on the cafe walls.

    Here it is at Val Pelouse

    and at Aiton

    quite a bit of the road has been repaired and it is in generally good state at the moment.

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