Le Salève the Steep Way (video)


My mountain behind home.

I have now reached Col de la Croisette from all four directions in 2009. Although it always takes me the longest to get the courage to climb the super steep north-east side from Le Coin.

Below is the last of about 10 superb hairpins on this painful but fun climb. We watched the 2008 Dauphiné Libéré here.

Bike route 158479 – powered by Bikemap 

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  1. Did you set “fast forward” or are you indeed flying up this mountain … LOL

    I’m planning to try a little climb on the weekend and test how much fitness I’ve lost over the last four months …

  2. This climb looks somehow familiar! And you look great on the video, although if it is truly painful we would have heard some wheezing and moaning…chapeau, indeed!

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