Metric Century Trainer Hell …. and Some Skiing


One of my 2010 goals is to do at least one metric century a month.

It didn’t look like it was going to happen outdoors for January, so I did it on the trainer. 100 kilometres is way too long to be on a trainer. Not exactly fun, but I am glad I did it. My proof is in the photo. 😉

On a more interesting note, we spent a fun week in Val Thorens skiing last week.

Val Thorens is the highest ski resort in Europe. It’s also one of the longest road cycling climbs anywhere – 38 kms. I cycled it about 15 months ago – details of the cycling route here.

Below: A few pictures and video of our trip.

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  1. A good start to the year and the challenge Will! No doubt the century rides will improve and become more enjoyable as the year unfolds.

    Great videos and pics from your ski holiday. Looks like that was a lot more fun than the century! 🙂

  2. For someone as restless as you, 100km on a stationary bike must be hell. Yikes! But this keeps you in the saddle for your 2010 challenge. At least YOU show some dedication. Be proud and keep cycling.

  3. I’m very impressed Will. The longest I’ve managed so far is 1:30 hr before my mind (even with squillions of gizmos) and bum go numb!
    Does it count if you stop virtual training and have a real coffee and donut 😉

  4. I think coffee and donuts are okay. The advantage of the home trainer (aka Satan’s La-Z-Boy) is that you are close to the kitchen, the bathroom and the television. I have never considered going for 100 kms indoors since 3 hours is my absolute maximum.

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