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High Kicking Plateau Beauregard Cross Country Skiing Cross Country Skiing

I am addicted to cross country skiing.

I’ll occasionally brave the freezing cold for some winter cycling climbs (and the painfully cold descents). But cross country skiing is just more fun when the thermometer drops below the line.

And it is such a complete workout. Absolutely exhausting – especially going uphill. My arms are sore! When’s the last time that happened cycling?

My skate-skiing technique is still pretty lousy … but I am slowly improving while breathing very heavily. 😉

The video is from the Beauregard Plateau (parking @ Col de la Croix Fry):

Plateau Beauregard

And best of all Doreen received cross country skate skis for Christmas and has already joined me for a few workouts.

Doreen attacking the trails


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  1. Will,
    A few months back you were asking about Canadian team jerseys on PdC. I was at my local bike shop (Woodcock Cycleworks) today and they have a couple of Louis Garneau Beijing team jerseys, mostly white with Canada in Chinese characters on the side, a small and an XXlarge, about $90. Just thought I’d let you know. Nice skiing.

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