I received an email from the local tourist office. Apparently bicycles are no longer permitted to cycle to Oeschinensee from Kandersteg. If you want to visit the lake you need to hike up … or take their e-bus!

Oeschinensee is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes I know. And there are several unbelievable hikes from the lake that go much, much higher.
The plan was quite simple. I cycled up to the lake, Doreen took the cable car. Then we left the bike behind and hiked much higher. The ride from Kandersteg to Oeschinensee is on a very small path, without traffic, that may be the steepest paved road I have ever cycled. Long stretches well above 20%. I have no photos of the stretch as it was dark (in the shade) and I was fighting for dear life not to fall off.

But it’s not too far, and the reward at the top is worth any pain.

The Lake

The hiking is up. Hard work, but the surroundings are fantastic, woohoo.

The map below is of an entirely paved road from Fruitigen. However, if you have thicker tires it is possible to take a fun, unpaved gravel road that is signed to Kandersteg, and completely traffic free.

Here is a link to a huge adventure of a ride also above Kandersteg …. to Gemmipass. (It uses the unpaved road from Fruitigen mentione above).

Honestly, this isn’t the greatest cycling ride ever, BUT the visit to the lake and the hiking is truly world class

A glacier


Happiest while cycling uphill.


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  2. Wow – congratulations on getting up that thing. The only time I’ve tried it on a bike I was going so slowly I lost my balance and fell off my bike on the steepest section (much to the amusement of the few hikers who’d picked that route for some reason – the other paths are much nicer).

    Looking at the topo map the steepest section gains 130m vertical in 560m (23% average and it’s not constant so some will be above 25%!). Maybe I’ll go back with a mountain bike and stabilisers and see if that works :p

  3. Fantastic, i hiked over that when I was 14 in 1985 with the Scouts. Over the top down the other side to Kiental eventually on to Interlaken. Would love to do it on my Mountain bike.

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