My home climb, Mont Salève. Mont Blanc in background.

Hi. I just wanted to write a short post to thank everyone for so many kind emails, comments, messages, etc. since my crash.

The fractures have healed well. My back and neck are still both a small mess but improving with therapy. I feel about 75% (that’s good news)!

AND ….. I can ride again. The goal is to get healthy and ready for bigs rides by early spring.

A few kms above home


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  1. Matthew Preston on

    Great to hear you’re on the mend, Will. Very best wishes from England. Hope to randomly bump into you on one of your late winter rides in March.

  2. Rosie Sinclair on

    Hi Will, great news that you are now back on your bike.
    Love reading your blogs & your photos are fab-great inspiration for me & for my European col bagging holiday planning & was even instrumental on where I got engaged-top of Plaine-Joux looking out to Mt Blanc.
    All the best for 2020!

  3. We’re all happy to hear this good news, Will! 🙂 Thanks for the update.
    Recovery is a process that requires a lot of patience and this can still keep going for months…
    The mental boost from being able to ride again will do the rest 😉
    Happy Holidays

  4. Jean-Pierre Gorce on

    Hello Will,

    I have purchased for the second year in a row your beautiful calendars (Cycling the Alps and Cow calendar) but am a bit disappointed that for 2020 you have not written the location of the beautiful climbs in the corner of the photograph as per previously…
    I always love to know where the photo has been taken as I used to live in your beautiful region. Was this an omission or did you decide to go without?
    Just thought I would give you this little bit of feedback (for 2021 maybe?)
    Take care and have a wonderful festive season (in the cold and snow maybe?)
    Regards Jean-Pierre

  5. Merry X’mas! Will!
    Good to hearing you getting better and better.
    Thanks for updating me Mt Saleve turned to be snowy. It recalled my ride with my hubby few months ago.
    On coming Feb 2020, I and Tim will go to Vancouver Whistler and Yellowknife for some winter activities.
    Miss you!

  6. Great to see you’re back!

    1) Salève is a great climb! Hope to catch you there in the near future :).
    2) Just moved to Geneva… So keep exploring and finding new colls please. Your maps are the best.

    Happy 2020.

  7. Glad to hear you are mending. I had a spell off the bike after a very nasty spinal injury. But I’m back on two wheels and on your wonderful website again researching a trip to the Vercors later this year.

    Best wishes

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