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I believe Colle del Nivolet is the most beautiful road bike cycling climb in the Alps. I have written about it several times. A few examples:

1. Colle del Nivolet – the famous side
2. Colle del Nivolet video: Unpaved both sides
3. Colle del Nivolet Via Pont (the back way)

So in addition to my usual Alps cycling calendars (see here) – I’ve decided to make an entire calendar dedicated to this stunning Italian road. Unlike my standard calendars, this one includes photos older than the past 12 months. I’ve tried to include a few unique angles as well as the standard jaw dropping views from near the summit.

From old military road

The standard caveats:
1. I am making no money from this. The price is just what is charged by the printing company.
2. I am not (even remotely) a professional photographer. All the photos are taken using a decent portable digital camera. But the quality of the photos has turned out OK. This is just for fun.
3. I have chosen a printing company that is inexpensive and has global delivery options – I have used them the last 9 years, selling a few hundred calendars each year- and people seemed quite satisfied with the print quality. Orders are placed directly with Lulu.

Each calendar has 13 photos: a cover, and one for each month. You can preview all photos in the slide shows below. For an overview at the store of all my available calendars – Click Here, or see the calendar specific links below. The purchase links also lead you to a page where you can preview the photos in calendar format.

Small size: €7.99/$9.99 (11?x17?) – To Order Click Here
Large size:€14.99/$18.99 (13.5?x19?) – To Order Click Here

Photos used in the calendar (click to enlarge):


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Happiest while cycling uphill.


    • Hi Jerry, thx for comment. The fractures are healing well, I’ve managed a few short rides, but struggling with messed up back/neck. SLOWLY improving.

  1. Great idea and excellent photos Will!
    Definitely have to take my drone with me next time I’m going…
    I guess we will never see an Alpe d’Huez calendar from you 😀 (not that I’d ever want one)
    Good luck with the further recovery!

  2. I just received my calendar thanks Will. Have it on the partition next to my monitor to inspire me for a cycling trip in July.

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