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I believe Colle del Nivolet is the most beautiful road bike cycling climb in the Alps. I have written about it several times. A few examples:

1. Colle del Nivolet – the famous side
2. Colle del Nivolet video: Unpaved both sides
3. Colle del Nivolet Via Pont (the back way)

So in addition to my usual Alps cycling calendars (see here) – I’ve decided to make an entire calendar dedicated to this stunning Italian road. Unlike my standard calendars, this one includes photos older than the past 12 months. I’ve tried to include a few unique angles as well as the standard jaw dropping views from near the summit.

From old military road

The standard caveats:
1. I am making no money from this. The price is just what is charged by the printing company.
2. I am not (even remotely) a professional photographer. All the photos are taken using a decent portable digital camera. But the quality of the photos has turned out OK. This is just for fun.
3. I have chosen a printing company that is inexpensive and has global delivery options – I have used them the last 9 years, selling a few hundred calendars each year- and people seemed quite satisfied with the print quality. Orders are placed directly with Lulu.

Each calendar has 13 photos: a cover, and one for each month. You can preview all photos in the slide shows below. For an overview at the store of all my available calendars – Click Here, or see the calendar specific links below. The purchase links also lead you to a page where you can preview the photos in calendar format.

Small size: €7.99/$9.99 (11?x17?) – To Order Click Here
Large size:€14.99/$18.99 (13.5?x19?) – To Order Click Here

Photos used in the calendar (click to enlarge):


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Happiest while cycling uphill.


    • Hi Jerry, thx for comment. The fractures are healing well, I’ve managed a few short rides, but struggling with messed up back/neck. SLOWLY improving.

  1. Great idea and excellent photos Will!
    Definitely have to take my drone with me next time I’m going…
    I guess we will never see an Alpe d’Huez calendar from you 😀 (not that I’d ever want one)
    Good luck with the further recovery!

  2. I just received my calendar thanks Will. Have it on the partition next to my monitor to inspire me for a cycling trip in July.

  3. Hey Will,

    so happy I found your site. We’re heading to Valle d’Aosta in a week’s time or so. Have been there a lot since 2005 so we know the area well, but have only hiked there so far, a few short bike rides aside that I did last February when the weather was good during our skiiing trip.

    Planning do Nivolet, Oropa, Tzecore/Joux as per your routes with some modifications as I have to finish and end somewhere in the base of Val di Gressoney. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything new of interest and also if there’s anything to note about those routes.

    I’m also looking to do some easy biking with my kids (5 and 7, avid bikers). Preferably gravel, sightly downhill. 10-20 km, doesn’t need to be round trip, I can cycle back and pick up the car.

    I’m scanning Komoot for routes and have found a few things already such as a nice route along the Stura in the direction of Turin (Devil’s Bridge). Do you have anything top of mind that you could recommend?

    thanks a bunch!!!

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