Vallée Verte 10 Col Challenge

Vallée Verte 10 Col Challenge

Fairly well known among Geneva cyclists is some version of the 10 Col Vallée Verte loop. Of course real (wo)men start from Geneva, whereas I started at the bottom of the first climb.

In order: Cols: Saxel, Ludran, Perret, Avernaz (Plaine Joux), Jambaz, Terramont, Feu, Arces, Moises, & Cou.

To be clear, by no means does the loop in the map below completely climb each Col – or try to climb the hardest side of a given col. Starting at the base of Col de Saxel the routing is designed to get to the summit of each climb as directly as possible. Just some silly fun.

It was roughly 80 kilometres with 2100 metres ascent. One could easily construct a far harder version of the same challenge.

The Vallée Verte is just south of Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) in Haute Savoie France. Part of the Chablais Alps, it’s full of quiet roads and loads of small to medium climbs. The entire route ranged from quiet to very quiet.

Vallée Verte

For more routes in the Vallée Verte see here.

Col du Feu

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  1. Hello !

    it seems it’s a good area to add “quickly” many cols in some kms 🙂
    as I will be near this summer, I’m searching another way to ride
    I think I will choose it 😉


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  3. Hi will,
    Did this on Saturday, actually found it quite tough but I did cycle from Geneva which adds another 40Kms to the round trip (that’s my excuse). It’s a great route, pretty and fairly quiet. Love the site

  4. Did it yesterday…. What an amazing ride! Thanks for the inspiration. English speaking expat cyclists should erect a monument in Geneva for you.

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