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French Alps

Chalets de Pertuis

The other day while riding through the vallée verte I saw a path up high in the distance that looked very intriguing.

French Alps

Vallée Verte 3 Cols with the Boys

It’s that time of year where cyclists all over the world break out their silly kit. Today, I had my full Marmotte kit (fuzzy red Alpine rodents all over my clothes).
– my wife hates it ;(.

French Alps

Vallée Verte 6 Cols

The Vallée Verte South of Lake Geneva is a beautiful place to get some climbing in while the big Alps are closed. There are quiet, fairly steep climbs everywhere.


Chalets d’Ajon

A beautiful, quiet road in the pictoresque Vallée Verte (only about 20 miles from us).…

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