Vallée Verte 3 Cols with the Boys

Col de Saxel Col de Terramont Col de Terramont Col de Cou

It’s that time of year where cyclists all over the world break out their silly cycling kit. Today, I had my full Marmotte outfit (fuzzy red Alpine rodents all over my clothes). My wife hates it ;(.

A pretty lively 90+ kilometre ride from Geneva into the Vallée Verte with Martin, Barry, and Eric, including Col de Saxel, Col de Terramont, and Col de Cou.

After climbing and descending Col de Saxel, we had a minor disagreement on whether to detour to Col de Terramont. I succesfully arbitrated by finding a café across the road for Bazza to have a drink while the rest of us added this small climb. 🙂

Below, Barry’s video while climbing Col de Saxel:

I get mocked a lot for getting a “chain” tattoo on my leg every ride. Strangely they didn’t mock me about my full Marmotte kit. It’s good to see Barry breathing so heavily for a change. And Eric, of course, is somewhere miles ahead of us.

On the way home, we came to a fork in the road and Barry and I went one way and Eric and Martin the other. There were only two choices and I quickly tracked down Eric and Martin. Somehow Barry disappeared taking neither option – magic.

Several phone calls later we tracked him down, a necessary task especially because he was kindly hosting us afterwards to watch Paris-Roubaix. 😉


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  1. Doreen doesn’t like the Marmotte kit? Well you can’t have it all. Looks like she loves the Tour d’Enfer shirt though. Plus considering that you beat Barry and Martin to Col de Saxel and Martin and me in a sprint to Col de Terramont, I think you have every reason to keep wearing it. AND BOONEN WON!!! 🙂

  2. Chilly,
    Hate is a strong word…I just think it’s a lot of look when worn all together…you know, the jersey, the bib (and you know how I feel about bibs) and matching socks. But more power to you — you earned the right to wear the kit last year!!!

    Congratulations on feeling strong!!


  3. It was a perfect day today; weather, route, and apres ride chez Bazz with Paris Robaix to round it out.


  4. Great ride everyone on another multi-cols day. Love the Bazz video. You guys were pedaling strong!
    Re: Will’s full Marmot kit… Wear it with pride, my friend!

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