Around and Over Le Salève


Six Cols!

  1. Col de la Croix Biche
  2. Col de Menulles
  3. Col de Mallebranche
  4. Col de la Frétallaz
  5. Col le Parc
  6. Col de la Croisette
Col le Parc Saleve in background Col de la Frétallaz Col de Menulles

This is just a wonderful route. All the roads are well surfaced, deserted, scenic, and often uphill.

With almost 2000 metres of ascent (elevation profile is red line in map above), this was hard work. I am now debating which climbs can count for my 100 cols challenge. Probably only Col le Parc and Col de la Croisette (from Muraz) as the other were a bit too easy from the side we chose. Although if I am short a Col next December, I may change my mind about Col de Menulles.

I was pretty exhausted by the time I reached the top of Col de la Croisette, but Eric made my day by having a Heineken waiting when I finally arrived – he earns his domestique salary yet again! 🙂

I will write to the local Mayors demanding Col signs be erected for Menulles and Mallebranche – shocking!

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  1. Oh yes Will, sorry it was a Heineken. I asked for a pression, but the waiter said she didn’t have “fresh” beer, so I had to settle for a bottle. Thanks for the excellent route choice. I passed over 4 cols today that I never visited before.

  2. Thanks for the inspiration, I did a similar trip yesterday after reading your post, not exactly the same as there is so many roads to choose from. This is indeed wonderful .

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