Col du Pré Vernet, Col des Contrebandiers, and Above


Lake Annecy from above Col des Contrebandiers

A perfect day.

Starting from Annecy, after a couple of kilometres, this stunning route is on a deserted forest road, climbing the mountain overlooking the north-east side of Lake Annecy.

It’s not the toughest ride, but definitely uphill (see profile on map below). The plan was to first make a small detour to visit Col du Pré Vernet (the steepest part of the ride), then on to Col des Contrebandiers (Smuggler’s Pass).

It is “possible” to do this on a road bike, but the last two kilometres are VERY rough. Me? Always on a hybrid.

The key to this outing is to bring locks for the bikes and then from Col des Contrebandiers (1054 metres) hike for about 30 minutes up to the unbelievable lookout point at about 1260 metres.

Eric Has a Box

Luckily we brought Eric along. He not only brought bike locks for everyone, but he also carried a box. He strapped the box to his bike. Then carried it while hiking higher. He protected the box fearlessly.

What was in the box?

Food, Wine, Spare tires, you name it!

So at the very top we were treated to Saucissons, Cheese, Dates, WIne, etc. Fantastic. Don’t you wish you had your own Belgian domestique?

The photos don’t do the views justice. Yes, a perfect day.


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