Vercors Day 3 – Doreen Goes Offroad


Doreen Goes Off Road

Doreen survived her 3 day cycling boot camp in the beautiful Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors with one final great ride.

As a final project, we climbed the Col de Chalimont (from the north side) and then went offroad – (I did a quick shortcut to visit Col du Liorin first – see map below).

From the Col is a great trail up the Sommet de Château Julien.

Doreen Climbs

View from Sommet de Château Julien

A tired but smiling Doreen enjoyed the panoramic views from here. At 1565 metres this was the high point of our trip.

Just a bit further along is the Col de Malaterre and then a superb descent on another deserted forest road back to Villard de Lans.

Doreen above Chalimont Col de Tas de Bois Col du Liorin Col de Chalimont Col de Malaterre Col de la Croix Perrin

And then I couldn’t resist. After three great days of Col hunting, I set off for one more – Col de la Croix Perrin (although purists should climb this from Grenoble).

OK, we’re both pretty tired now, but we’re already talking about revisiting the Vercors.


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  1. I think Doreen is ready for Col du Parpaillon. Will, so much for your “Doreen will NOT go off-road”.

  2. Hi Eric – what you can’t see from the photos is that Will got off his bike to push me through the hardest bits, then pulled me up the hiking trail because I was so tired!! Going uphill is tough enough, but add sandy patches and rocks and I was more than happy to accept a push!

    Chilly, my hero!!


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