Video: Watching the Sun Rise: Mont Ventoux


The shortest but perhaps most fun “cyclosportive” I have ever done.

Philippe, Régis, Xavier, and I participated in the Ventoux Night Session.

The goal was simple: roughly 200 cyclists departing in different waves with the goal of all meeting at the top to watch the sunrise.

Good friends, legendary mountain, cold but perfect weather, as good as it gets.

A short video:

Régis at left:

Xavier, me, and Philippe:

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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. This must have been a great ride/expérience. Will, I wonder if this will be the start of a new type of cycling for you? Light on the head (good choice btw) and riding straight through the night…you are getting ready to join the ultra distance crowd I guess.

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  3. Emyr Williams on

    Very different! Must have been great to reach the summit! 🙂

    I have a technical question – how do you generate the gradient graphs that you use on your website, are they made from the GPS tracks you collect?

  4. Emyr Williams on

    Hi Will,

    Thanks for the tip, really appreciate the heads-up. I guess, to create the graphs you have to manually harvest the elevation data from the “gpx” files?

    I and a friend have been scrabbling around on the web to find something that did it for us simply but as with most things there is no obvious solution. I’ll have a look at OmniGraphSketcher, I think it’s on the Mac AppStore.

    Thanks once again and bonne route!


  5. Amazing, Will! I did climb Ventoux on my own (my family and I were in the region for a week of holidays), just one day before you. Started at 5:50 AM, so didn’t see the sunrise. But it was most beautiful (and very cold) nevertheless!

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