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At 2744 metres, Wikipedia lists Col Agnel as the 3rd highest paved mountain pass in Europe. This monster has been on my list of “to-dos” for ever. Woohooooo!

Below I’ve added profiles for both the French and (tougher) Italian side. I only climbed the French side. It’s Italian name is Colle dell’Agnello.

I’d hoped to do both sides, but the three huge previous days, my old legs, and a nasty head-wind, convinced me that even a fool like me couldn’t find any fun struggling up the tougher Italian side on this day. Another future project.

For the quicker readers in the crowd – yes, the above means I had a fabulous tail wind for most of the climb. Nice. 🙂

Only decently surfaced in recent years, Agnel has appeared in the Giro three times (’94, ’00, ’07), and in the Tour de France twice (’08, ’11).

I don’t have too much useful to say except it’s beautiful, high, worth cycling – and I was sorry not jump over the other side. And I was surprised but pleased at the number of cyclists, fast and slow, all cheerful. Agnel is an Intoxicating place.

No great photos, but a few more. View from above the Col:

Above Col Agnel summit

View Italian side from Summit:

Col Agnel summit

View French side from summit:

Col Agnel - French side


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  1. amazing weather you had – seems like mt viso is usually draped in clouds – very shy. Hopefully marie and i will be there late next week for a little camping and hiking (and maybe i’ll get in a ride to izoard and agnel).

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