2009 Tour de Romandie Prologue


Fabian Cancellara

I had a fantastic evening yesterday watching the Tour de Romandie Prologue in Lausanne.

It’s amazing how much access is given to fans at events like these. One can walk right up to all the team buses and see (or chat with) the athletes. At left is Swiss and World Champion Fabian Cancellara trying out his new time trial bike.

Also, with a bit of luck, it’s possible to ride the closed off course.

While riding around, I was passed by someone that looked suspiciously like Cadel Evans. So I decided to follow him. The security didn’t blink as we both entered the course. I frantically tried to figure out if my camera had a video setting – and I kept following.

Note, in the video , we spoke in French as I don’t speak Australian.

Other highlights:

  • The publicité caravan handed out free wine as I cycled past(!!)
  • Free fondue, hats, musettes, pens, keychains, etc.
  • I got to ride a unicycle (see photos)
  • It didn’t rain
  • I found a great viewing spot at the sharp turn 50 metres from the finish
  • Did I mention the free wine?

Click on photos below for info:


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  1. OK, here goes.
    Essential Ozstralian for awe struck French-speaking Canadians living in France visiting Swiss cycling events:

    Bonjour = G’day
    Ca va? = Howsitgoin?
    Beau temps = Beaut day
    J’aime votre bicyclette/velo = nice wheels mate
    Allez Allez = get a bloody move on ya bludger
    Bon courage= av a go ya mug
    Formidable= ripper
    Sante= up yours

    Apologies for my French!

  2. Will – cool video of you & Cadel! Looks like you had a great time and I’m equally glad you took advantage of the Swiss hospitality. (mmmm…. cheese fondue… wine…)

    Slogfester, we’ll have to go find Cadel at the Geneva finale so that you can show off your “Australian”. 😉

  3. Will – awesome site.. glad I found it… love the Fabu pics….

    Are you sure you don’t need a PRrep or someone to just help out … LoL…


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