Rain and the Scott 1000 Bosses


A wet Col de la Croix de Pars

Part of the Trophée Label d’Or FFC – The Scott 1000 Bosses (official link) is a well known cyclosportive in the mountains around Lyon, France. Bosses means bumps/hills.

The plan was for Martin and I – and our St. Etienne friends: Philippe and Xavier – to ride the 139 km route.

But the weather was awful, raining the entire day. So two hours in – at a key intersection – and after a comical discussion – we decided that we agreed with Shakespeare: “ the better part of valour is discretion – in the which better part I have sav’d my life.”

So we turned right and switched to the 85 km loop. It was the smartest decision we made all day, as the rain and fog only increased and the descents were a bit awful. 🙂

Me, I was happy as we still passed five Cols (!) …. sadly many of my photos were wet, smudgy, and un-usable.

Despite the miserable conditions, I think (?) we all had a lot of fun. We all remained cheerful, no one crashed, and we actually finished before the trophy presentations. 😉

Philippe and I have ridden together twice now. Today, and once with light hail. We have agreed that our third time must include some sun.

Below, the wet finishers (Philippe is almost always smiling, but here he is perplexed by his camera timer): 😉

Wet finshers


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  1. Good to run into you guys out there. That you had fun is a feat in itself! I found the only thing that kept me motivated at times was the voice in my head saying: body heat, must generate body heat.

  2. encore merci 1000 fois 😉 d’avoir partagé cette journée et cette rando, qui ne me laissera que d’excellents souvenirs.

    to be done next year under the sun; and I would like to add a BIG thank you to Martin for being wiser than us…

  3. This is the Will I know : always smiling regardless of hail, rain and cold. OK, he was in good company which helps. So to all of you : WELL DONE from Belgium. CU soon.

  4. Damn, did I miss all that rain 😉
    I admire your spirit. Personally I would have headed straight for the nearest chocolat au lait and tarte aux pommes 🙂

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