A Solar Bike, A Metric Century and more XC


For my birthday my mom gave me a solar powered bicycle lamp – not to mention hand knitted socks and a book of cow poems (yes cow poems). THANKS!

As part of my 2010 challenge I needed to do a metric century in February. Crazy weather meant is was done on the trainer again. Hopefully the last indoor century this year. It is seriously hard work being on a trainer for so long. 🙁

And finally, this weekend Doreen and I had another great day out cross country skiing at Plateau des Glières. I’ve been out XC skate skiing 15 times this season. It’s a killer workout and there are so many beautiful places to go around here.

Taking a rest


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  1. tu dois déjà être très fort en skating…..il ne te reste plus qu’à acheter une carabine à plomb et tu pourras faire concurrence aux Français lors des JO, pour le biathlon !!!

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