Video: Col de Joux Plane

 Col de Joux Plane

Col de Joux Plane is one of the most famous Tour de France climbs in the north French alps. Surprisingly, when the winter weather isn’t too crazy, the road is open on the famous side to get to some cross country skiing trails (the side from Morzine is closed).

It’s been a cold and snowy winter, but currently it is very, very warm and the snow is starting to melt everywhere. I had my mountain bike, winter boots and two more layers than I needed. I must have sweat a couple of gallons.

I’ve written about Joux Plane several times, but simply put: It is steep and irregular – very hard to get a rhythm. But it’s a beautiful climb.

For a couple of beautiful and challenging loops that include Col de Joux Plane see here (140 kms) or here (71 kms) – both are fine for road bikes in summer.

Road up Col de Joux Plane

Col de Joux Plane

Col de Joux Plane


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  1. Will… I’m excited about the trip this summer to the Pyrenees but every time I watch one of your videos and look at the pictures… I’m so ready to pedal the Alps. That will have to be trip number two. I sure hope it comes sooner than later. That’s the one I’ll have to have Janice ready for. She really needs to ride as well and the Alps are calling her name. I just need to make sure she knows that. 🙂

  2. Bravo ! Trop bien les applaudissements au sommet, et “l’alerte rouge” (ça me fait penser à un jeux PC, même son) ! 😆

  3. Wow Will, apologies as I’m not actually commenting on the post in particular but just wanted to let you know how great the site looks.

    I’ve been looking at layouts and design templates for my (fairly new) photography blog – Megapicsell – and found one on which you’d left a comment saying you were going to try out the MIMBO 2.0. It looks great on your site and has inspired me!

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


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