Wow! La Morzine Vallée d’Aulps Cyclosportive

La Morzine

Perhaps the hardest ride of my life.

Martin, Barry, and I (and Doreen!) stayed over in Morzine for the “La Morzine Vallée d’Aulps” (yes Aulps) Cyclosportive.

Barry – being the strongest rider of course did the shorter route – he actually has a training plan! Martin and I? We chose the longer route.

Over 140 kilometres with about 3,400 metres climb (+11,000 feet) in a heat wave. This is the first time I have ever done a ride with a real expectation beforehand of not finishing.

The route started by climbing the beautiful and challenging Col de la Joux Verte.

A long descent through the Vallée d’Aulps and then a climb into and through the scenic Vallée Verte culminating with the steepish Col des Arces.

A very small climb to Col de Terramont and then a long rolling ride to Samoens to climb the legendary Col de Joux Plane. Yikes!

Here’s a short video of the day:

A big congratulations to Martin on his ride today. He’s been training very hard for our July trip and it shows. He dropped me on the beginning of Joux Verte and beat me by a bunch. Well done!

Grade Charts for the two big climbs:

Col de la Joux Verte

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  1. OK all 3 of you. Now you have two choices : 1) Or you admit this is all BS and you are nothing but a sad bunch of liars OR 2) You stop BSing about your condition being crap and you guys so called not being ready for the Tour d’Enfer. Keep going like this and there won’t be a Tour d’Enfer for any of you…you’ll have to rename it into “Tour du Paradis”.

    And Will, next time I ride with you, you do this again…make me struggle!

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  5. I did this race last weekend. It was another heatwave this year: 15c at the start at 8am but quickly into the mid 20s and 28c by the end (3pm-ish).

    What is very clear is that the Col de Joux Plane bites! I think I found the exact moment that it bites: there is a 12% section after about 5km which destroys any self-confidence you might have foolishly built up on the gentle lower slopes. After that, with 120km already in your legs, no shade, and 6km more at 10% its a question of survival!

    But apart from the abuse received from the Col de Joux Plane, this race is an absolute gem: the scenery is superb, the roads are traffic free, its a really nice, challenging loop with some historic climbs and breathtaking views. Thoroughly recommended.

  6. Simon, congrats,

    Yes, I know exactly the steep part you are talking about. Ouch.

    Did they change the route slightly, adding Corbier?

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