It’s All Downhill From Here – Video


Happiness is a Belgian domestique!

I hadn’t ridden with Eric in a while – he’s been hibernating. 🙂

A beautiful loop up the Salève from the challenging Annemasse side. And once we reached the high point, Eric kindly agreed to wear the helmet camera.

As the video shows, he descends so fast that on several hairpins he was able to stop, wait and film me, restart, pass me, and do the same again – without me ever stopping.

The descent is from above Col de la Croisette down the super steep route to Le Coin. Very fun ride.

Eric - cold but nice up high


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Happiest while cycling uphill.


  1. il ne reste plus qu’à lui demander de s’incruster dans le peloton du TdF et cela fera de supers images !

    PS: qu’est devenu la vache ???

  2. Another great movie showing off great descending skills. Interesting how the snow gets less and less the lower you get. Must have been freezing cold at the top. Aren’t you scared there could be a patch of ice behind the next bend?

  3. Salut Philippe,
    La qualité du vidéo est le résultat de l’équipement mise à disposition par Will et du merveilleux travail d’édition/choix de musique fait par Will. Qui voudrait voir plus de 20min de video de déscente en continu???

    Il faisait malheureusement trop froid pour la fameuse vache ce jour-là 😉

    We are very worried for ice on the road indeed. But this road down is generally very well “salted”. And you need to know when to ride and when not to ride. Today we had planned a local ride with the wives, but replaced it with a hike because of less than an inch of new snow. Damn smart choice as we saw several cars slide around (1 hitting the side wall) on the last part of the road towards Will’s house. It is easy to hit >70kmh on that part of the descend on the bike.
    Also as you may have noticed, we do descend WAAAY slower in winter than in summer.


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