Col de Basse-Combe and Col de Véry


View of Mont Blanc

A fantastic mountain biking loop.

Moo Col de Basse-Combe Col de Véry Col des Saisies

The route starts in Megève – and goes up from the very start. After 5 kms to Leutaz, the road is no longer paved. It’s a fairly good gravel path all the up way to Col de Basse-Combe (1890 metres). While averaging around 7%, this is misleading. It’s very uneven with several super steep ramps. But scenic and enjoyable.

The road is deserted, first winding through the woods and then eventually above the tree line to the Col.

At Basse Combe, the road continues along and up the mountain ridge. A little hike across a field joins another farm road to Col de Véry. The views of Mont Blanc are pretty amazing – unfortunately it was a fairly hazy day. I will definitely try this again on a clear sunny day.

At Véry – the road ends. It is just a short trail to Col de la Croix de Pierre. From here, my plan was to try and ride, carry, hike, etc. to Col du Joly – directly towards Mont Blanc – on a signed alpine hiking trail. It’s relatively technical but mainly ride-able.

Col de la Croix de Pierre

Unfortunately I got a little confused and ended up descending a rocky farm road, somehow leaving the hiking trail – finding myself well below Col du Joly.

I probably should have still climbed Joly, but I was in the wrong valley, and still had to cycle up Col des Saisies to get back to Megève. So I wimped out and just headed to Saisies.

Below Col du Joly

Still, a great loop in a beautiful environment.


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  1. Reminds me of 1 year ago. We tried similar stuff and also descended the “wrong” way then. But then too, the “wrong” way turned out to be great. Cool stuff Will!

  2. Eric, Yes, last year’s ride inspired the idea. You’d like the route up from Megève

    We’ll have to get the Croix de Pierre link to Joly figured out next year.

  3. You didn’t wimp out and it is still an impressive ride – well done! Great pics as always and the last one looks SOOO steep, ouch! 🙂

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