Col de Solaison

3D view Col de Solaison Col de Solaison Col de Solaison Plateau de Solaison
Plateau de Solaison

Not far from Geneva and near the famous Col de la Colombiere is this fantastic, steep, quiet climb. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get to the top (1,500 metres; 5,000 feet) but the heat wave continues and the roads were a little slick but fine.

As my cycling bible describes it:

“Il faut dire que le Col de la Colombiere permet le passage entre Cluses et La Clusaz alors que le Col de Solaison ne semble etre là que pour la plaisir des touristes, et des cyclystes amateurs d’escalades en particulier.”

“It’s necessary to say that the Col de la Colombiere permits the passage between Cluses and La Cusaz while Col de Solaison seems only to be there for the pleasure of tourists, and amateur cycling climbers in particular.”

– Atlas des Cols des Alpes

Col de Solaison

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  1. What an awesome blue sky! It’s almost like I can feel taking in a deep breath of clean mountain air. I really need to get back to Europe and ride there. Plenty of travels but never had the chance to pedal.
    These pictures are making my passport quiver. I’ll just have to live vicariously through your posts because as I ‘ve mentioned… we’re expeting our second son in less than 8 weeks (March). So, I don’t think any long distance travel will be in store for some time.

  2. Donald,

    Occasionally I see superman dad’s here cycling uphill with their kid in a little trailer behind – just saying … 🙂

    Congrats on your impending cyclist

  3. Will, What is the Cycling Bible you referred to in your post? I’m looking for a good guide to climbs in the alps (your website is probably the best, but I need an analog version).

    BTW, you should consider writing a book yourself. You have plenty of material!

  4. Hi Stuard

    My “Bible” is the “Atlas des Cols des Alpes” from Altigraph.

    You can order from their web site (paper order form) or try or often find them in big French cycling shops like GoSport or Decathlon.

    There are several volumes for the Alpes (Swiss and French) as well as a very useful one for the Juras – given where you live. I am guessing you speak French, but if not it doesn’t really matter as its easy to follow.

    They are quite simple. Maybe 40 or 50 climbs in each book with an elevation profile and directions (some volumes have maps but LOUSY).

    All the best


  5. merci pour votre site
    comment est l etat de la route ? j ai bien envie d y aller faire un tour cet ?t? , les paysages semblent si purs !

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