Col du Galibier and Télégraphe


Col du Galibier is still officially closed above the tunnel, but I thought I’d have a look, to enjoy the snow and see if I could reach the summit. I’ll keep this post short as it was overcast , and I’ve probably written far too many articles about this great climb. But hopefully the photos below are worth sharing.

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Today’s Ride:

Nice hairpin - 7 kms from summit

Nice hairpin – 7 kms from summit

Reaching the snow 2.5 kms from summit.

Reaching the snow 2.5 kms from summit.

Above the tunnel was fenced off as closed, but a couple of cyclists were descending and told me it was possible – just a small snow portage.

It was a safe 50 metres hike:

Still closed with snow.  Short snow hike to reach Col

Still closed with snow. Short snow hike to reach Col

Above the snowy road:



I reached the top, and took some celebration photos. It was windy and cold. Maybe 2C. I’d expected sun and only had a couple of jackets, so I decided to head back down the north side, but the snow-plough guys were back from lunch. Unpassable. Oops. So I descended the south side and waited for a car so I could follow it through the unlit (usually it’s lit), long, narrow, tunnel.

Back on the north side there was a very disappointed tour group of Flemish riders that couldn’t get past the ploughs. After some discussion ….. through the tunnel and up the south side became their plan.

As I descended it started to rain. Luckily, not heavily until Valloire where I took cover for 15 minutes. No worries. But I was lucky to be off the summit. Brrr.

Not the best weather, but always fun to visit Galibier in the early season.

South Side

South Side

North side with Télégraphe

Finally, on the way home I had the good fortune to bump into the the very talented Professional Photographers Jered and Ashley Gruber. Fun chat, very nice people.

IMG_4218 - Version 2


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