La Vattay – Cross Country Skiing

Alps view from Juras La Vattay

As I kid I cross-country skied a lot. But today was only the second time in the last two decades. I should do it more often.

Doreen at La Vattay
Cross Country Skiing

La Vattay is in the Jura mountains near the Col de la Faucille above Geneva.

The photo of the Alps in the distance gives a pretty good idea of what I mean when I say getting “above the clouds.” Again, it was a dreary gray day down low, but perfectly sunny up high.

Three hours at a measured pace using muscles I forgot I had – tired.

When the snow is gone, there is a great cycling route up to La Vattay that starts on a tiny road by the church in Vesancy – steep and carless – but bring a mountain bike for the top parts – you can see the little road on the map below.

Route 2,857,770 – powered by


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  1. Wow, x-country skiing (or trudging along in my case) has made my legs far more tired & sore than anything else lately….yikes, not to be under estimated….


  2. Sprocketboy, I carry a gps anywhere that i might be going uphill under my own leg power 🙂

    Martin – in the photo above – has often cross-country skied in Gatineau Park – near you

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