Shhh! Martin Bought a New Bike

Martin has a new bike

Martin was looking a LOT sexier than usual on today’s ride. More specifically, his new Pinarello Prince is hot!

Bike fanatics know that good road bikes are pretty expensive so please don’t send Janet a link to this article, please!

Martin is toying with a few strategies on how to “hide” this purchase from Janet. Not cleaning the bike is his lead idea – and looking at his old Pinarello’s rear derailleur he is already well practiced in this strategy.

A local cycle shop in France is currently selling some un-sexy bikes at just over €100. During today’s ride, I learned that that is less than Barry’s left pedal. It’s less than his right pedal too! Carbon baby! (Barry’s posh new bike is from 2007).

I know why Martin felt the need to buy this sexy machine. He is nervous about our upcoming Tour d’Enfer over the Alps this July. Makes sense to me.

Martin has a new bike

Personally, I own a lot of bikes. Not because I love bikes. But because I am such a lousy mechanic that when one starts acting up, I purchase a new one.

But I only have one slightly “expensive bike” and this was purchased the week before a 173 km event over several mountains last July. My weak legs were making me panic and I convinced myself that a new bike was my sole chance. So I understand Martin’s purchase.

Whether he can keep it a secret is another question. Here is how my wife noticed my purchase:

While loading Trek Madone in the car:

Wife: How much did that bike cost?

Me: What do you mean?

Wife: I have NEVER seen you be so careful with a bike. Never.

Me: Honey you look beautiful today.

Wife: Oh My God, are you wrapping it in blankets!

If my wife is reading this: Barry’s and Martin’s sexy beasts were far more expensive than my simple yet practical bike!

Today, of course; we did a pretty big ride to test the new wheels. Martin was clearly at least 10% faster (but 100% sexier). 🙂


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  1. Good! Martin even shaved (the beard) for the maiden trip on the Prince. Wow wow and congratulations. Will, you know what this means for you. Barry has a brand new 2007 Merida with 2 (two!) carbon cages, Martin is a hero with his Prince (so new you can still smell the paint). So you have the choice. Or you say “Sorry Doreen, I had no choice” or you keep logging miles like you have done this week. The last one sure is the easiest option : peace in the house and lots of fun riding!
    PS : could Martin join for the after-ride drink or did he not bring any $$$? I wonder where those went? Maybe Janet knows ;-D

  2. LOL. Doreen, I definately saw lust in Will’s eyes today (so I rode on…. fast!), but you should think of his garage more as a walk-in wardrobe 😉
    However, I’m sure I heard him and Martin saying something about surprising their loved ones with a new dress soon 🙂

  3. lol, first thing I thought was only one carbon holder? Then I clicked on the pic and you had it for a caption, I don’t feel so bad now.

    I understand why he only has one, he needs to be able to show his wife that he isn’t being greedy or obscene!

  4. Sweet… but I also have to comment on the one carbon bottle holder. It’s kind of an insult to this exquisite Pinarello. 🙂 If you’re going to go all out… go all out! Maybe the shop only had one in stock… so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt… for now.

  5. Hello Boys — on behalf of wives everywhere, I feel compelled to respond!

    I will say what Will says to me when I ask him about a ‘big’ purchase: ‘If you like it and you’re going to use it, go for it!’ I have even resigned myself to parking in the driveway during spring/summer so that the garage has enough space for all his bikes — what more could a husband ask?

    I just think it’s kind of sneaky to not mention the purchase in advance, and wait for me to notice it. Because you know what, Chill? I WILL notice 🙂

    And the other thing…you never have answered my question of how much the Trek Madone cost……….

    Doreen, the eagle-eyed wife

  6. Doreen is right – they always notice. A warning to all out there! It may take a day, or more than a year, but they find out. A friend of mine in Canada holds the record – 14 months. One day his wife asked: “I didn’t know you had a red and white bike?” The Cervelo Soloist was out of the bag and he was in the dog house.

    In fairness, the purchase will not be a total surprise. She’s caught me drooling at the shop window on several occasions. The shop is run by a husband and wife team so I asked her for advice. Without blinking she advised that Janet should also get something special and suggested jewelry or a trip.

    Next time Janet caught me drooling I told her the shop keeper’s advice. Without a second thought she said “Well, I’ve always wanted to go to Portugal…” A few weeks back, she asked if we would be going to Portugal this year…

    She gets back from another trip this week. I am presently taking wagers on how long it will take her to notice the new bike. Any takers? I’ve also already started researching trips in Portugal – any suggestions?


    PS – Donald, you are correct about the bottle holder. There was only one in stock and the other arrives this week.

  7. I have a friend who one wanted a new tv. Every time he watched TV with his wife he would ask her things like, “does the picture look funny to you?”, or “I think the red is washed out a little – do you?”, or “why are the lines so fuzzy?”. He kept at it for a month until his wife finally DEMANDED that he go out and buy a new tv that actually worked. Make sure to spend enough to get a good one.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to translate this into getting a new bike 🙂

  8. Doreen, don’t worry about how much Will’s bike costs. It is actually so cheap that you do NOT want to put yourself to shame by knowing it. Will’s bike has been the joke for months at almost every Geneva cycling club. Your husband is an example of frugal cycling in a very bling-bling Geneva. And look what you get in return for this little cash : LEGS, LEGS, LEGS and (almost) no tummy!

    Martin, I have the solution for you. Tell Janet you bought her a new bike (Pinarello Prince) so she can join you on the holiday you offer her to go to Portugal. I’m sure she will think it is very sweet of you and that she will love the bike because it is so …sexy. But I’m equally sure that before you reach Satigny, her butt will hurt enough for her to suggest you use the bike. What do you think???

    (Both Will and Martin, please call headquarters immediately to confirm you are still alive.)

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