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I spend a lot of time searching for climbs.

But it’s worth remembering how much fun relaxed, social rides can be with friends.

I turned forty something today. My (lovely) wife knows me well.

Among several thoughtful gifts were two scrolls redeemable for full car support for a huge Alps ride anytime in the next 12 months.

Perhaps the best three days of skiing we have ever had.

Perfect conditions and weather – at the great Les Arcs ski resort high in the French Alps

I decided to rest my tired cycling legs today and hike up Le Saleve with Doreen.

All the great hairpins from Friday’s ride were now surrounded by snow.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone.

I’d like to think I may have taught Martin some great Swiss cycling routes and also introduced him to the challenges of cycling uphill.

But there is no doubt that he has taught me the most important aspect to my cycling routine: The post ride meal / beer session.

Enjoyable, local ride with Doreen on quiet roads and trails, she was pretty brave on a couple of very steep stretches.

We haven’t ridden that much together recently, as she’s been running a lot, and I have been chasing climbs, so this was a fun change.