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An early easter ride with Eric and the wives.

My three faithful companions wanted to help me with my 100 Col challenge – and today’s route included five (see map)!

Today, I was the camera-man while Doreen, Katy, Martin, Eric, and almost 30,000 (!) others ran the Geneva Escalade.

After seeing the photos of my cycle up above Lac d’Emosson last week, Doreen was eager to visit.

So we drove to the main dam with the aim of hiking up high and finding the 150 million year old dinosaur tracks.

Woohooo, Doreen on her heavy Touring bike climbed Bonette (this photo made us laugh)!

Signed as the highest road in Europe (debatable), this is a huge and beautiful climb. Perfect weather and today I decided to work hard and felt fairly good considering it’s the 8th day.

That’s Doreen, my wife, running the Berne Grand Prix.

It’s called “The most beautiful 10 miles in the world!”

This is cycling paradise with signed routes everywhere, perfectly surfaced roads up high, and scenery to die for.