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This is just a wonderful route. All the roads are well surfaced, deserted, scenic, and often uphill. Although, I need to write to the local mayors to install some missing Col signs.

It’s that time of year where cyclists all over the world break out their silly kit. Today, I had my full Marmotte kit (fuzzy red Alpine rodents all over my clothes).
– my wife hates it ;(.

An early easter ride with Eric and the wives.

My three faithful companions wanted to help me with my 100 Col challenge – and today’s route included five (see map)!

Although Mont Revard is only a little over 1500 metres high, the climb starts beside Lac du Bourget at just 250 metres – making for a big climb.

I have already cycled Col de la Croix Fry in 2009, I had told Eric so many times what a great early spring climb it is – that he wanted to have a look.